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How green is your office?

Is your company or organization thinking of going green? Buying eco-environmentally friendly and sustainable office and home furniture? Good for you! Make every day an Earth Day.

Going green means making everyday choices and performing everyday actions that have a positive impact on the environment as well as the bottom line. So, whether you’re just getting into the green or you’re interested in taking it to a new level, Smith Business Interiors can assist you.

We offer furniture made from sustainably harvested woods and recycled, bio-based, or nontoxic materials, and made with glues, paints, foams, and other ingredients that don't give off noxious odors.

Buying eco-friendly desks, chairs, cabinets, space dividers, and other furniture has never been easier.  Recycled materials, once shunned as second rate, are becoming much more common.

You can really spend as much or almost as little as you want when looking to buy green office furniture. What you spend is entirely up to

Smith Business Interiors are Go Green Consultants. You don't have to build your own furniture from recycled boxes. Let us show you the newest innovations in Green Furniture - anything from new designs from recycled materials to desks and keyboard trays manufactured from bamboo.

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