Proper seat/chair selection is one of the most important decisions you make. When it comes to seating - one size does not fit all. Considerations must be given to the individual using the chair, how long they use that chair on a regular basis, and how they use that chair relative to their function.

Recurring lower back pain is the most recognized musculoskeletal disorder. That, and Repetitive Strain Injury have been known to be the major cause of absence from work. These absences cost the country’s economy as much as 31.3 Billion Dollar average each year!

Employers can avoid these losses by taking advantage of the modern manufacturing process of office furniture and office desk chairs. Back pains can be prevented or relieved by choosing comfortable office desk chairs that follow solid ergonomic requirements.

Essential requirements for well-designed office desk chair are as follows - It should:
  • have a back support that follow the natural ‘S’ shape of the spinal column.
  • have a waterfall design front edge that promotes proper blood circulation in the legs.
  • provide comfort for users including those with disabilities and pregnant women.
  • help users adopt a safe and efficient working position, dependable caster and swivel will help ensure this requirement.
  • be easily adjusted in both seat height and the height-and-tilt of seat back that suits the range of different working positions.
At Smith Business Interiors, we have the expertise and experience to help you select the right seating not only for fit and function, but for budget and comfort.

But it really depends...

     on who will be using the chair - and how!


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